The value of Advice – only 36% of savers with a £250K pot take it!

According to research from investment company Franklin Templeton1, only 36% of people with more than £250,000 saved for their retirement, select to take advice from a financial adviser.

In the survey of over 2,000 UK adults, more than a quarter do not have a retirement income plan and 70% of those say that it is informal and primarily exists in their head.

With such a significant number of those approaching retirement having little or no plan in place, UK Country Head at Franklin Templeton, Ian Wilkins commented, “These findings are concerning on a number of levels, but most worrying is the fact that so few people have given any considered thought to a retirement plan.

“While most people undoubtedly put time and effort into seeking advice and a clear plan over their mortgage or insurance arrangements, it seems that retirement planning is falling by the wayside for a disturbingly large number of people.”