Moonwalk Challenge

Picture Above: Nicky & Donna during the London Moonwalk in 2015

Nicky Borman and will be taking part in a midnight MoonWalk in Iceland in June 2017, for a unique and demanding Summer Solstice Marathon! Nicky will be walking with Donna Hiscock and this will be their second Marathon having done the London Moonwalk in 2015. Raising awareness for Cancer is a cause close to her heart. 

The MoonWalk Iceland is an exciting overnight challenge that will bring together a team of women and men to Power Walk a marathon in a remote area in the North East of Iceland. In true Walk the Walk tradition, everyone taking part will be showing their solidarity for the cause by wearing brilliantly decorated bras, but it is their strength, self-determination and resilience to the surroundings and unpredictable weather that will see them through this rewarding challenge and across the Finish Line. Those that have completed The MoonWalk Iceland previously have described this unique challenge as life-changing!

The 7th MoonWalk Iceland will get underway at Midnight on Saturday 17th June 2017. 84 women and men, including Nicky, will Power Walk 26.2 miles around the remote Lake Myvatn, enjoying the beautiful wilderness of the land where the sun doesn’t set at this time of year, through a dramatic landscape of hot lava pools, volcanoes, and mirror-like lakeside reflections. Unlike Walk the Walk’s other amazing Midnight marathons, this MoonWalk is completed totally in daylight!

This event is organised by breast cancer charity Walk the Walk, creators of the famous MoonWalks in London and Scotland. All the Walkers are united in raising money and awareness for Walk the Walk and the vital breast cancer causes it grants money to, and an incredible total of £113 million has been raised by Walk the Walk over the last 20 years. Currently grants are focused on funding research into secondary cancers and with 1 in 8 women in the UK expected to experience some form of breast cancer in their lifetime, and statistics showing that 38% of breast cancers could be avoided by changes to lifestyle*, Walk the Walk is passionate about encouraging the importance of maintaining good health, which includes being active and eating a healthy diet. Joining a Walk the Walk challenge, for many, is often the first step to making important lifestyle changes.